Sunday, March 15, 2020

Return race suits

If you haven't already done so, please return your (clean) race suit when you are next at school. Thanks to all for a great season!

Friday, February 28, 2020

Party on Thursday

Everyone (skiers, parents, siblings) please plan on coming to the Downeast Room at the high school on Thursday, March 5 for our end of season evening of appreciation. There will be cake and beverages, as well as some words of thanks and a slideshow.

Also, if you have any photos from the season (skiing, waxing, on the van, hanging around before/after a race), be sure to send them to Conrad at for the slideshow. To give Conrad and friends time to put the slideshow together, please send them this weekend.

See everyone on Thursday!

Sunday, February 23, 2020

What's Next ...

~ Updated Sunday, February 23 ~

Here's what there is to know about the nordic team for the next week or so.

End of Season Gathering:
In the next few days we will nail down the date of our end of season appreciation evening. Susan will let everyone know (and it will be posted here) when we have a date.

Start collecting/organizing photos from this year's ski team and get ready to share them for a slideshow. Info will be posted here shortly as to exactly who to send them to. The picture can be anything related to the ski team this season - skiers, coaches, ski camp, waxing, racing, riding in the van, hanging out together, etc.

Optional Races:
With states behind us, the regular high school race season is now complete.  Coming up next weekend (Saturday, February 29) is the U16/Eastern High School Qualifier, which is scheduled to take place at Quarry Road in Waterville.  For those that don't know what this is, the qualifier is a "two race in one day format" (classic in the morning, skate pursuit in the afternoon) to determine who is eligible to represent Maine in both the U16 festival and the Eastern High School festival later in March.  Each of these festivals is a 3 day/2 night event of skiing and racing.  U16s are for younger skiers (born in 2004 or 2005) and EHSs are for all high school skiers.  Each state in New England (and nearby) will field a similar team of 24 skiers and they all race against each other on the festival weekends.  Note that if you make either of these teams and choose to attend the festival weekend, there is a not insignificant fee to be paid by the skier/family (U16 ~ $365, EHS ~ $300, plus NENSA membership).  Click here for a post on re: the qualifier.

Anyone is welcome to participate in the qualifier.  In addition to the link posted just above, interested skiers should keep an eye on for any new info and updates that may be added.  Do note that this is not an MCWS team event, so the race registration fee ($20 early or $23 day of) is not covered by your MCWS team fee.  All skiers participating in the qualifier will need to submit their own registration (online registration form found on the qualifier info page on

John Tarling has graciously agreed to wax for our skiers participating in the qualifier, so please extend an extra thank you to John for his help.  Anyone wanting John to wax for them MUST contact him by Wednesday at 3:00pm (February 26).  Good luck to all that elect to ski in this race!  Remember that if you make one (or both) of these teams and intend on participating in the festival weekend(s), you must have a check in hand and be prepared to pay for the festival weekend(s) on February 29, the qualifier day.

For those that do make either the U16 or Maine EHS team - those festival weekends are:
U16 - March 6-8 at Mountaintop, Chittenden, VT
EHS - March 13-15 at Gore Mountain, North Creek, NY

There are some scholarship funds available for attending these festival weekends.  Information is shown on the Qualifier info page on, along with a download of the application form.  Note that the completed scholarship application form must be returned by March 1, which is next Sunday.

Since the regular high school season is over, there will not be regular daily practices. However John may be available to meet some days with interested skiers, but needs to know ahead of time. Anyone that wants to continue practices with John MUST talk to Susan on Monday and also let her know your preferred practice days and availability. As long as Pineland is open, skiers are always welcome to arrange their own transportation and ski on their own (passes are still good). Skiers are also welcome to ski on the trails on the Desert Rd campus (grooming status unknown).

Everyone should return their CLEAN uniform to Susan this week.  Kids skiing in the qualifier next weekend may keep their uniforms until after that race.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Upcoming States Races/Trip

Class B States - Here We Come!!!

~ Updated on Saturday, February 15 ~

This post will be continue to be updated between now and the team’s departure on Sunday when there is new information to add or any changes to what was originally posted.

Now that WMCs are behind us, we can look ahead to States, which this year will be held at the Titcomb Mountain in Farmington. Here's what there is to know ...

Travel Plans:
The team will depart from Desert Rd on Sunday, February 16 at 11:30am. We will travel to Titcomb Mountain (arriving around 1:00) to ski and then head from there to our rental house, heading back to Titcomb on Monday and Tuesday for our races. We plan to have everything at the rental house packed up Tuesday morning when we go back to Titcomb for the skate races, so we will travel back to Freeport directly from the race venue, arriving by late afternoon.

We are taking one van on this trip and are expecting that skiers will ride with the team unless they tell Susan they have other transportation plans. Let Susan know by Friday at 3:00 if this is you.

Skiers making their own way to Titcomb Mountain should arrive by 1:00 pm on Sunday for a practice ski. (Update - we have heard that Adams, Conrad and Nora will be making their own way up north and not taking the van).

In general:
Leaving – Arrive at Desert Rd by 11:15am on Sunday, February 16. We will pull away at 11:30. Bring lunch to be eaten in the van.

Returning – Awards will happen after the boys race on Tuesday, probably around 1:30-2:00. We will depart after the awards, arriving back to Desert Rd around 4:00ish. Skiers can call home from the road when we know our arrival time more exactly.

We will be spending Monday and Tuesday nights at a rental house in Porter Lake. Everyone will have a bed (one shared bed for the Emma and Isla).

John Tarling, Dana Anderson, Susan Sonntag.

Check the Wax Info tab for wax recommendations for the races.
MPA regulations state:
No glide wax above Low Fluoro and no top coats shall be used in the state meet by all Nordic competitors. Violations will be reported to the jury for consequence. A contract should be signed by all athletes, their parent/guardian, and coaches and be kept by each coach. There are no restrictions for kick wax.

Thanks to everyone for getting their wax contracts in.


Monday, February 17
1:00 pm Girls Classical 5K (individual 15-second interval start, Class A/B/C)
3:00 pm Boys Classical 5K (individual 15-second interval start, Class A/B/C)

Tuesday, February 18
Girls A Freestyle Pursuit 10:00 am
Girls C Freestyle Pursuit 10:30 am
Girls B Freestyle Pursuit 11:00 am - This is us
Boys A Freestyle Pursuit 11:30 am
Boys C Freestyle Pursuit 12:00 pm
Boys B Freestyle Pursuit 12:30 pm - This is us
Classical, Pursuit, and Team Awards Following the Boys Race

Start Lists:
Click HERE for Girls classic race start list
Click HERE for Boys Classic race start list

Course Map:
Click here for CLASSIC course map
Click here for SKATE course map

Parents should be hearing from Dana about food plans. If you (or your skier) have ANY food restrictions, please let both Susan and Dana know ASAP.

Skiers are welcome to bring their own stash of bars, etc. to eat when they want and ensure it's what they like. It would be good for quantities of candy to stay at home.

Titcomb Mountain does have a small lodge and does serve food (the usual ski lodge fare - burgers, fries, etc.).

Friends and families are most welcome and encouraged to come to the races!

Parking Info:
Parking will be tight at Titcomb, since Class A, B and C will all be there. There will be a shuttle bus available for people attending the races. People may park their vehicle at the Farmington Hannaford and a bus will be available for pick up on Monday the 17th beginning at 11:30 from Hannaford and going till 4:30 pm. On Tuesday, the shuttle will be available from Hannaford beginning at 8 am and running till 2:30 pm. The bus will run during these times between Hannaford and Titcomb every twenty minutes. If you have any questions about the shuttle, please contact Titcomb at 778-9031.

What to Bring:
***Lunch and snacks for SUNDAY - packed in a handy bag and kept w/you in the van***
Sleeping bag
Water bottle
Your food contribution (if you’ve agreed to bring something)
Warm clothing (layers!) - including hat, mittens, race gloves, warm gloves, neck-up/buff, etc.
Ski clothes
Running shoes
House clothes
Extra socks
Warm winter boots
ALL classic AND skate skis/boots/poles - packed as compactly as possible
Water-bottle holder with water bottle

Basic wax equipment
· Scraper
· Cork
· Small amounts of kick wax and glide wax


• Snacks/bars for 2 days
• Books, games, etc. - If you have a good group game, please bring it!
• Slippers
• A dvd movie for the group - G, PG or PG-13 (no R movies)

Electronics ... 
- Cell phones/ipods may come on this trip.
- Laptops should remain at home.
- Van riders need to ask permission prior to phone use in the vans.
- Phones should be on ‘silent’ at all times.
- Overall phone use (for any reason) is discouraged. Engage with the people you're with!

Families of skiers who are staying overnight will be billed after the trip for the cost of the trip itself (housing, food, etc.).

Other things to remember:
· Wax classic and skate skis
· Check the packing list again. Do you have everything?
· Check the blog one last time, for any new/updated info.
· Emergency Contacts:
          Melissa Watson: 785-691-6731
     Trip Chaperones:
          Susan Sonntag: 207-440-3212
          John Tarling: 207-807-1919
          Dana Anderson: 207-865-1665

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Wednesday practice

As we spoke about Monday afternoon, Wednesday's practice will begin early (be ready to head to Pineland right at 3:00) and return to school around 4:30, giving skiers time to get home and get ready to be back at for the Coffee House (7:00pm start, students should arrive 6:30-6:45).

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Ski work

At this point, everyone has yucky klister on their classic race skis from last Wednesday's race. So that you're not scrambling at the last minute before States, make sure you clean your skis in the next day or two. Bring them to school and clean them at snack/lunch if that works best for you. And if you only have one pair of classic skis, you may need them clean for practice this week, another reason to get this taken care of.

Thursday, February 6, 2020

UPDATED - Saturday's WMC race

Updated Friday, February 7 at 3:30pm ...

On Saturday, February 8, Part II of the multi-day Western Maine Conference Championship will take place.

Saturday: SKATE pursuit race at Stark's Hill in Fryeburg. Things to know are:

Race info:
12:00 - Girls start
12:45 - Boys start
Awards - around 1:30
Pursuit start times based on Day 1 results
Course ~5K
Click here for directions and parking map to Stark's Hill  
Remember that Stark's doesn't have any indoor facilities, so dress and supply yourself accordingly.

What to Bring:
  • SKATE race skis, boots and poles
  • Race suit
  • Warm clothes for before and after your race
  • Warm hat/mittens/etc.
  • Food for before and after your race
  • Water bottle
Transportation: We will have one van going to Fryeburg, departure time 9:30am sharp. Skiers riding the van should arrive by 9:20am and start loading skis.


If you are providing your own transportation to Fryeburg, arrival times are:
Girls - by 11:00
Boys - by 11:45

LF RULE: NO waxes (glide or kick) will be allowed in any WMC race, including championships, above the LF (Low Fluorinated) level.

Awards: Top 10 individuals from both races will be recognized. Team champions will be based from the pursuit results.

All-Conference: Top 10 combined lowest totals from both WMCC races will determine WMC All-Conference.

No dogs on any trails.

The best things you can do between now and your race tomorrow are:
  • Get a good night's sleep (easier now, since the race times are pushed back.
  • Eat a good dinner and good breakfast.
  • Get yourself organized today so you'll be all set for tomorrow.
Also, tomorrow will be colder, so make sure you dress warmly and have warm layers for before and after your race.

Finally, plan on a final ski prep once we arrive in Fryeburg tomorrow. See everyone in the morning!