Sunday, March 10, 2019

Ski Team Appreciation Evening - Monday, March 11

Reminding everyone that we have our end of season team appreciation tomorrow evening at 7:00 in the Downeast room of the high school.  See everyone there!

Friday, March 1, 2019

UPDATE - Monday, March 4 Appreciation Evening

~ Updated Monday, March 4 ~

Due to today's snow day, we are rescheduling the end of season appreciation evening to NEXT Monday, March 11.

Enjoy the snow today!!!

We may end up with snow on Monday.  If we do and it's significant, we may postpone our final team gathering until the following Monday, March 11.  Stay tuned for what the weather brings and, if necessary, a decision.

Saturday, February 23, 2019

What's next ...

~ Updated Sunday, February 24 ~

Here's what there is to know about the nordic team for the next week or so.

End of Season Gathering:
Our End of Season Appreciation evening will be Monday, March 4 at 7:00 in the Downeast Room at the high school.  This is a time for the team to look back on the season, say many thank-yous, and enjoy dessert.  We hope all skiers will attend, and parents and interested siblings are most welcome as well.

We will need some help to make this happen.  Please let Susan know if you can do any of the following:
  • Six people will be needed to bring a tasty treat to share - cookies, brownies, bars, etc.
  • One or two people to arrive around 6:30 to help set-up.
The captains will be putting together a slideshow for next Monday's gathering, so please send Nash any photos or links to galleries so they have pictures to work with.  Nash can be found at  These can be anything related to the ski team this season - skiers, coaches, waxing, racing, riding in the van, hanging out together, pasta party, etc.  Please send these ASAP, as the captains will be working on this Tuesday after school.

Optional Races:
With states behind us, the regular high school race season is now complete.  Coming up next weekend (Saturday, March 2) is the U16/Eastern High School Qualifier, which is scheduled to take place at Black Mountain in Rumford.  For those that don't know what this is, the qualifier is a "two race in one day format" (classic in the morning, skate pursuit in the afternoon) to determine who is eligible to represent Maine in both the U16 festival and the Eastern High School festival later in March.  Each of these festivals is a 3 day/2 night event of skiing and racing.  U16s are for younger skiers (born in 2003 or 2004) and EHSs are for all high school skiers.  Each state in New England (and nearby) will field a similar team of 24 skiers and they all race against each other on the festival weekends.  Note that if you make either of these teams and choose to attend the festival weekend, there is a not insignificant fee to be paid by the skier/family (probably ~ $300 plus NENSA membership).  Click here for a post on re: the qualifier.

Anyone is welcome to participate in the qualifier.  In addition to the link posted just above, interested skiers should keep an eye on for any new info and updates that may be added.  Do note that this is not an MCWS team event, so the race registration fee ($20 early or $23 day of) is not covered by your MCWS team fee.  All skiers participating in the qualifier will need to submit their own registration (online registration form found on the qualifier info page on

John Tarling has graciously agreed to wax for our skiers participating in the qualifier, so please extend an extra thank you to John for his help.  Anyone wanting John to wax for them MUST contact him by Monday night (February 25).  Good luck to all that elect to ski in this race!  Remember that if you make one (or both) of these teams and intend on participating in the festival weekend(s), you must have a check in hand and be prepared to pay for the festival weekend(s) on March 2, the qualifier day.

For those that do make either the U16 or Maine EHS team - those festival weekends are:
U16 - March 8-10 at Bethel Village Trails, Bethel, ME
EHS - March 15-17 at Fort Kent Outdoor Center, Fort Kent, ME

There are some scholarship funds available for attending these festival weekends.  Information is shown on the Qualifier info page on, along with a download of the application form.  Note that they are asking for the completed scholarship application form to be returned by February 25, which is this Monday.

Since the regular high school season is over, there will not be any more official after school practices.  As long as Pineland is open, skiers are welcome to arrange their own transportation and ski on their own (passes are still good).

Everyone should return their CLEAN uniform to Susan this week.  Kids skiing in the qualifier next weekend may keep their uniforms until after that race.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

States Results and what's next

Check the Race Results tab for results from the two days of Class B States races.  Congrats to Eliza Skillings for her hat trick of medals - one bronze, one silver and one gold, congrats to the girls for their 3rd place team finish, and congrats to all the skiers for a fun couple days at the states races and a great season!

What's next?
We are checking the calendar to finalize the date for our end of season appreciation evening and will post it here shortly.

For those that wish to continue their season, there is a qualifier race and the upcoming U16 and Eastern High School festival weekends.  We will post detailed info on these events soon.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Class B States Race Info

~ Updated Monday, February 18 ~

Class B States
Titcomb Mountain, Farmington
180 Ski Slope Rd
West Farmington, ME

Monday, February 18: Classical
11:30am Coaches Meeting
1:00pm Boys Interval Start Classical
2:30pm Girls Interval Start Classical

Tuesday, February 19: Freestyle Pursuit
9:00am Coaches Meeting
10:00am Boys Class C Freestyle Pursuit
10:20am Boys Class B Freestyle Pursuit
11:00am Girls Class C Freestyle Pursuit
11:20am Girls Class B Freestyle Pursuit

Who Skis in States?
We are only permitted 8 boy skiers and 8 girls skiers in the States races.  Like all teams in the state, that means not every skier on our team will get to race. That said, every MCWS skier is a valued team member and is eligible to be pressed into service should any of the original 8 become ill or injured.  We therefore hope and expect that everyone on the team will attend States.

Important Policy:
The states races are run in a pursuit format, just like WMCs last week. Because this is a pursuit style race, a skier must ski (and finish) both days in order to count for the team score.  This means that every skier should do everything in their power to ski in and finish the classic race. Even if you have an equipment problem or feel lousy, still finish the race!

Course Map & Start Lists:
Course Map
Boys Classic Start List
Girls Classic Start List

Transportation/arrival plans are:
Monday - Vans leave Desert Rd at 9:00. Van riders should arrive at school by 8:45 to load skis/gear and be ready to pull out at 9:00. Skiers driving themselves should arrive at Titcomb no later than 11:00am (boys) or 12:30 (girls)Tuesday - The van will pull away from Desert Rd promptly at 7:30 (note new time).  Skiers riding the van should arrive by 7:20, load all their gear in the van and be ready to go at 7:30.  Skiers driving themselves should arrive at Titcomb by 9:00 (boys) or 9:45 (girls)

Wax Info:
Everyone should plan on glide waxing their CLASSIC skis (glide zone only) and SKATE skis prior to the States races.  If you don't have the ability to wax your skis at home, John is available to meet up over the weekend at Pineland to help out.  Kick zones on your classic skis should be clean and ready for kick wax.  Everyone should clean their skis themselves and be sure it's done prior to Monday.

No klister binder application needs to happen 8:00-9:00am Monday morning.  John will do all kick waxing at Titcomb once we arrive.

See the Wax Info tab for glide wax recommendation.

What to Bring:
  • Monday - CLASSIC skis, boots and poles
  • Tuesday - SKATE skis, boots and poles
  • Race suit
  • Warm clothes for before and after your race
  • Warm hat/mittens/etc.
  • Ample snacks/lunch
  • Water bottle

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Friday practice

Here's the plan for Friday, February 8 practice ...

Practice will take place right at the school from 3:00 to 5:00.  It will be a combination of skiing and waxing to ensure everyone has waxed skis for Saturday's race.

If you need help waxing, bring your race CLASSIC skis to practice tomorrow.  BE SURE YOU HAVE CLEANED THE KICK ZONE.

Skiers waxing their own skis at home should check the Wax Info tab.

After practice, everyone will head to the Holley's for a pasta party - see the post about this farther down this screen.

Saturday's CLASSIC race at Fryeburg

~ Updated Friday, February 8 at 5:30pm ~
    Saturday: CLASSIC pursuit race at Stark's Hill in Fryeburg.  Things to know are:
    Race info:
         12:00 - Boys start
         12:30ish (after the boys finish) - Girls start
         Pursuit start times based on Day 1 results
         Course 5K
         Link to WMC Day 2 Course Map

    Click here for directions and parking map to Stark's Hill  
    Remember that Stark's doesn't have any indoor facilities, so dress and supply yourself accordingly.

    What to Bring:
    • CLASSIC skis, boots and poles
    • Race suit
    • Warm clothes for before and after your race - it is expected to be quite cold tomorrow ... 20 degrees and windy.  BRING WARM LAYERS!
    • Warm hat/mittens/etc.
    • Food for before and after your race
    • Water bottle
    We will have 2 vans going to Fryeburg, departure time 8:15am sharp.  Skiers riding the van should arrive at 8:00am and start loading skis.
    Everyone should tell Susan their transportation plans (riding the van or driving yourself) either via email tonight (Thursday) or first thing Friday morning.
    If you are providing your own transportation to Fryeburg, arrival times are:
    Boys - 9:50
    Girls - 10:20


    LF RULE: NO waxes (glide or kick) will be allowed in any WMC race, including championships, above the LF (Low Fluorinated) level.

    Awards: Top 10 individuals from both races will be recognized. Team champions will be based from the pursuit results.

    All-Conference: Top 10 combined lowest totals from both WMCC races will determine WMC All-Conference.

    No dogs on any trails.